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Tips & Tricks for Safer, Faster and more Advance chartering process.





Please fulfill the Crew List via The Charter App or via the web link you received from your Charter company or Agency.

Please do it ahead of time (preferably 10 days prior to Check-in).

This is mandatory plus it will give you another comfortable advantage and best possible start to your charter journey, right from the get-go.

  • Required documents to be brought along with you:
    • valid passport/ID
    • charter contract (voucher)
    • skipper’s license
    • VHF license

Notifications will safely guide you through the registration process at the Charter office. Registration includes the settling of all fees/extras dues and completion of documentation to ensure a quick check-in. e.g.:

    • Transit Log (mandatory or best deal)
    • Tourist Tax may apply
    • Permit, cleaning, gas,…
    • Extras (SUP, outboard engine, bedding,…)

A security deposit has to be paid prior to embarkation – either in cash or by credit card.

    • The deposit will be refunded after checkout if no damages occurred.
    • Many Charter Co. will offer you purchasing the deposit insurance.

Following by a briefing with a representative at the chartered yacht

  • By this point, you should watch the briefing video (hopefully a few times) and know the basic vessel data, places, tricks, and tips.

The usual Check-in is: Saturday afternoon, around 2 PM to 5 PM
*You will not gain an advantage by trying to speed up this process.

The usual Check out: Saturday around 9 AM.