The Charter App Web Portal

Tips & Tricks for Safer, Faster and more Advance chartering process.




Dear Charterer,


Congrats, you just charter a yacht, got a booking date, and download The Charter App.

Now What?

Well, now it’s time that you, and your crew, get as much information as possible about the Vessel and its Safely.

It is your responsibility to offer the App, and this website, to the entire Crew to prepare for the Check-in and rental period properly.

The booking code activates the App’s data and connects the Crew (if you don’t know how to upload the booking data, please click on this link).

The Charter App is also your check-in/out platform.

The best way to start accumulating necessary knowledge is right here on these pages, followed by using The Charter App, reviewing the Charter’s website, and of course, carefully listening to briefings at the Charter Base.

Following these tips will pay you back big dividends.