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The check-out procedure


Upon your return to the Base, the Charter staff will assist you with docking.

At that time you will receive further instructions regarding checkout and when to unload and prepare your vessel for the return.

When you are ready to checkout press the Check-out button, which sends the message to Charter Staff that you are ready for the checkout procedure.

At the Check-out procedure, the vessel will be checked throughout by the Charter staff, just like you did at the check-in.

The diver will detect possible damage under the waterline and sometimes there is a slight wait for this to happen.

Again there is a check-out protocol. If there is no damage, your deposit will be released immediately.

In the event of damage to the vessel, or lost items, a damage invoice will be drawn up.

Normally, the damage amount can be deducted from your deposit or paid separately by cash or a credit card.

In case of damage: the charter companies will always give you the best possible price, because they wish to see you again and because it is common practice to protect charter clients. They get the best deals on missing or damaged parts and they do not make money on your problems.

If you create damage please report it as soon as it happens by taking and sending them few pictures of the damage, so they can fix it immediately upon your return. This greatly helps them maintain prompt scheduling. They will also appreciate that you are helping them.