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Tips & Tricks for Safer, Faster and more Advance chartering process.





If your Charter company has The Charter App integration, your check-in button will turn green, usually on the day of your check-in. *Do not start the process until instructed by Charter staff members.

The Charter App is also your notifications platform, offering helpful, safer, and fastest directions to board your vessel.

*Please allow Notifications and stay logged to The Charter App to be able to receive instructions and guidance.

They will also guide you toward the check-in procedure, and also where to obtain the booked gear.

The Charter company wants just like you, to set you free as fast as possible.

Highly recommended: please review the Inventory list, watch the Video Briefings, and other helpful information you have on The Charter App.

Proper use of The Charter App will give you a significant advantage throughout the entire Chartering procedure.