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Tips & Tricks for Safer, Faster and more Advance chartering process.





If your Charter company has The Charter App integration, your check-in button should turn green (48 hours prior to Check-in) Do not start the process until instructed by Charter staff members.

The day before you arrive at the Charter Base, the Charter company will be able to send you welcome notes, offering helpful, safer, and the fastest directions to board your vessel.

*please stay logged to The Charter App to be able to receive instructions and guidance.

Recommended: please re-watch the Video Briefings, Vessel data, Inventory, and other helpful information you have on The Charter App.

And don’t worry; you cannot speed up your check-in time frame. The Charter company wants just like you, to set you free as fast as possible.

They will guide you towards the check-in, and also where to obtain the booked gear.

Proper use of The Charter App will give you a great advantage through the entire Charter procedure.