What to expect from The Charter App

BOOKING DATA – all your booking information

VESSEL INFORMATION– the depth, the measurements, vessel, items, etc

VIDEO BRIEFING – presentation of the main items/services and their locations on the vessel

CHECK-IN LIST – get familiarized with the items of the booked vessel

CREW MODULE – to sign up as a crew member or a skipper

FORMS AND RULES – review documents you will sign at the Base

MESSAGES – receive messages about your check-in and other helpful instructions (coming soon)

CHECKLIST – various reminders (for safety, at anchoring, before departure…)

DAMAGE REPORT – your photo note, to quickly report the damage to your vessel (coming soon)

‘HOW-TO’ MODULE – how to make ‘this and that’ on board

MAPS and LOCATIONS – find marinas, shops, parking…


The Charter App main screens

Recommended In-app purchase:

aSEAst (personal SOS receptionist) – for safer and faster transport in case of an accident or emergency – ONLY 49.99€

  • The best resource of local information; where to find dentist, doctor, shops,…
  • Fixed prices – per nautical mile
  • Drinks/food delivery, and more
  • The price cover the entire crew (from check-in to check-out)
  • Known as the best deal for charterers in Croatia


  • 10 routes (gourmet and adventuress),
  • weather map (professional),
  • cost management (scan bills, spending graphs, auto-currency exchange…),
  • cloud data storage
  • history and new features ready


  • Nautical clothes (quality sailing clothes)
  • Food supply (order food onboard – Croatia only)