At Sea Assistant


24/7 Multi-lingual Charter Calling Center


Quick and professional help with:
outboard engine, mainsails, genoa, GPS, bow-trustees, water tanks, windlass, anchor, propellers, lights, switches, fuses, toilets…


GPS Location ping, booking ID
No need to explain where or who you are


Help with local needs and resources
Dentist, Doctor, Transfers, Trips, Fun, Pizzas

Be a hero not a rookie

aSEAst benefits

Having your private S.O.S Concierge is ‘priceless’

  • When you make a call, an SMS and Email are auto-sent, providing the phone’s GPS exact location
    • No detailed location explanation is needed
      • If the call cannot be made due to a low signal, SMS or an Email is usually successfully sent (due to low bandwidth)
  • The charter calling center is ready to receive calls 24 / 7 (multi-language respond for faster and better assistance)

  • We have an extensive database of technical knowledge and resources and our mission is to help.