At Sea Assistant


Private S.O.S Calling Center

(24/7 Calling Center – 60 On-Site Locations)

Local needs and resources
(Dentist, Doctor, Transfers, Yacht Supply, Drinks/Pizzas, Trips, Fun…)

Best deals and arrangements
(no commission, no urgency fees, no surprises)

GPS Location ping

(just say what you need and we’ll be there)

VIP Button for the peace of mind
(one calling center, one solution, one price)

collective peace of mind

aSEAst benefits

Having your private S.O.S Concierge is ‘priceless.’

  • One Plan covers the entire crew/vessel (one per booking code)
    • Make sure most crew members have The Charter App installed to be able to make the call.
  • Having one button for all your urgent Sea Transport needs.
  • When you make a call, an SMS and Email are sent, providing the phone’s GPS location
    • No detailed location explanation is needed
      • If the call cannot be made due to a low signal, SMS or an Email is usually successfully sent (low bandwidth)
      • In this case, you will receive SMS or App Notification to approve the SMS sending.
  • Our professional Calling Center is ready to receive calls 24 / 7 (multi-language).
  • We have an extensive database of Boat Providers (BP) to provide you with the closest available Transportation to your GPS location.
    • We even work with local residents who are willing to assist, especially in less populated areas.

Boat Providers are local people with local knowledge of Medical facilities, Doctors, Dentists, Shops…(the best way for assessing local resources)

    • You pay the Transport directly to the Boat Provider.
    • The BP will call you immediately after you made a call; you can ask for the approximate cost of transport, solutions, directions, etc.
    • No urgent or additional fees will be added to your costs of Transportation
    • NO commission is added for the Sea Transport.

Prices are known in advance.

Urgent Transport for up to 5 or 6 people is 13 € per Nautical Mile. Regular routes are available at the discounted prices. For detailed explanation please read the Agreement, paragraph: Price of Transport.

    • If you need the proof of costs (for your insurance company), we will issue a detailed report of the Call and calculate the Sea Transport costs per nautical mile, which should be the basis for claiming back the Sea Transport costs from your insurance company (in a case that an individual Boat Provider could not issue an invoices at Sea).