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The reasons for organizing this service:

Croatian sea-line can get very busy during the Charter season.

*The year 2021 is yet unknown, however, the charter industry expects a busy season, as it is one of the most isolated touristic destinations.

The level of restrictions for medical transportation, due to pandemia, is unclear, especially at sea or at offshore locations:

  • Medical transports (helicopters, boats) are not always available, due to high demand (or restrictions in 2021).
  • It is not always easy to get an immediate response, due to a busy period and lack of boats.
  • It is not always easy to find boat transports.
  • It is not always easy to find a local Doctor, Dentist, or even a Shop, especially in less populated areas/islands.
  • It is not wise to move an entire crew/vessel, or journey via dinghy, especially in unsafe conditions, like at parties, at severe weather conditions, or similar circumstances.
  • It’s not wise to sail or dinghy to get more ‘bear’ (call aSeast and ask if they offer delivery).

Simply too smart and too affordable to not have it.

Comments / Reviews
aseast probably saved my life. Thank you!

Best investment ever, my son had an urgent need (we saved his finger). Thanks!

We would sail out to get more bear…uh, luckily, we called for supply 🙂


Thank you for making my issue so much easier.